Got Hail Damage?

When it comes to protection against the elements, your roof is the first line of defense for your home, but because of the location, we rarely inspect our roof’s condition. Factors such as hail, wind, and storm damage will affect the life of your roof. This damage may sometimes leave obvious signs, while at other times it might NOT be quite as clear.

You may have lost up to $30,000 of Equity built up on your property due to hail hitting your house. Property values are more important now than ever.  Protect your most valuable asset, your home.  We can help you  by assisting you in filing a claim to get your house repaired today!  We promise to treat your home as our own.

Most hail damage claims will arise on asphalt shingle roofs.
These shingles are composed of the following:

  • granules
  • asphalt mat
  • fiberglass backing

The asphalt mat is an important part of your shingle, and the fiberglass backing is provided to make the shingle stronger, therefore increasing its life. The granules provide an aesthetic appearance to your roof, as well as fire protection. When the granules are stripped from your shingles, they provide less than acceptable levels of external fire protection to your home. The loss of granules also exposes the asphalt mat to UV rays. An increased exposure forces your shingles to break down and their water shedding capabilities are lessened, causing your roof to leak.